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Kilung Shedra and Children’s School Destroyed in Devastating Fire – April 7, 2016

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A fire swept through the Kilung Shedra destroying it entirely. There were fortunately no deaths or injuries. The fire started at 11 am on April 7th and burned through the night. Kilung Jigme Rinpoche’s message: ‘We won’t give up. This is something that you have to face. We must rebuild and cannot let a fire destroy children’s education and the continuation of monk’s Buddhist studies.”

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kilung monastery january2015a_2188The Kilung Foundation brings humanitarian aid to Dzachuka in east Tibet while answering the call for Buddhist teachings in the West. The vision of Kilung Jigme Rinpoche has been to help rebuild and strengthen Kilung community through locally initiated projects, with the original focus of rebuilding Kilung Monastery.

Revitalization of both secular and sacred aspects of life has been a guiding principle because in Tibet the vitality of each supports the flourishing of the other.

kilung childrens school2_1830Education is a primary focus of the work of the Kilung Foundation. The Kilung Children’s School and the Kilung Shedra are essential to providing Tibetan education to the community and to furthering Tibetan Buddhist higher education. Ongoing benefactors and sponsors are needed for these essential institutions of learning that currently have thirty children and thirty monks enrolled.

yogurt couple with_2129As a way to preserve the fabric of the nomad culture, the Kilung Foundation is helping to launch the Dzachuka Nomad Yogurt Project. Eleven nomadic families have joined together to create a collective with a herd of 50 yaks, milking and making yogurt daily. This project has been so successful it was awarded a major government grant to expand the yak herd, as well as refrigeration and production capacity, storage containers and marketing.

prayers mala photoKilung Monastery monks offer prayers and pujas for various kinds of life needs: prayers for healing, for obstacles, and Tibetan practices for the dead. These practices are done daily at the monastery for local community, with increasing numbers of requests internationally.

goat life saving gonpo1 P1010057From around the world, anyone can request that the life of an animal be saved through Kilung Monastery’s efforts. Yaks, sheep, or goats are purchased from slaughter, or less dramatically, through an arrangement with a family who promises not to kill the animal for life.
li mingyang dancers1 174241[1]Dzachuka is renowned for many enlightened Buddhist masters over the last thousand years, and religious activity continues to be practiced as a central part of life. The Tibetan form of Buddhism, as vast as the Tibetan sky, has been sustained by this indigenous culture through these centuries. It’s a richly symbiotic relationship that has, in turn, nourished the people, the animals, and the land of Dzachuka.

The Kilung Foundation accomplishes compassionate and practical actions that benefit the land, animals, and people of Dzachuka and their spiritual and cultural traditions.

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