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The Kilung Foundation at Work

This video shares with you the important humanitarian work of the Kilung Foundation in Dzachuka, East Tibet.

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Lama Gonpo’s Last Wish

As many of you know, Lama Gonpo Tsering, a very great and dear man, died on February 27. During this time of grieving—felt by his family, the community in Dzachuka, and our extended friends around the world—we have been considering how to honor him and keep his memory and inspiration alive for generations to come.

Nearing the end of his life, while in a hospital in China, Gonpo asked to be brought back to his home in Dzachuka. He instructed his family to give up the increasingly elusive mission to obtain a liver transplant, telling them that the money would be much better spent to help complete the monastic college building back at Kilung Valley so that children and monks could be educated.

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Lama Gonpo Tsering

Dear Friends of Kilung Foundation,

We are deeply sad to share that Lama Gonpo Tsering died on Feb. 27th. When it became certain that he would not be able to receive a liver transplant, his family was able to transport him back home to Dzachuka for his final few days.

Dza Kilung Rinpoche and the Kilung Foundation are grateful for the medical support and prayers sent for Lama Gonpo by so many people, helping to give hope, and then ease his passing.

Gonpo spent his life to help others. You can remember Gonpo by making a donation to the Community Center being named in his honor.

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Nyima and Yangzom

As a result of the fire, the hardships of continuing the schooling in temporary structures, and construction delays, there was no school or shedra this year. Here are the personal stories of two Dzachuka children who have been impacted by the closure of the Kilung Children’s School after the fire that destroyed the structure in April 2016. One is a story of challenge, the other a story of hope. We believe they point to the benefits your donations provide, both to relieve suffering and to offer opportunities.

Nyima Dondrup is eight years old, the fourth child of a nomad family living in the Kilung Valley.

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Shedra monks still studying but at other monasteries

While waiting for the rebuilding of the Kilung Shedra, the children and monks have scattered in different places, some at home, some in public school, and some at other Shedras such as Dzogchen, Shedchen, Jangma, Palpung and Machen.

Thirty-one monks and six school children are supported to continue in their studies by small stipends from Kilung Foundation.

To the right is Shercho studying at Dzogchen Monastery. Below is Tsering Topden also at Dzogchen Monastery, and Dorje Gon at Jangma Monastery.


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Shedra Rebuild update

The past 18 months after the fire have been busy ones for the Kilung Foundation. The new building site has been cleared in preparation for construction to begin. Thanks to gifts from Asian students, a new well has been established to provide clean drinking water.

Architectural plans have been developed for a new three-story, modern and environmentally sensitive building.

The new structure will be built using contemporary building techniques and modern building materials, rather than traditional Tibetan rammed earth. The expanded space will accommodate both the present and future needs of Vajrayana students in a far-reaching community.

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Pioneering solar technology at the Kilung Monastery


The Kilung Monastery has installed a deep well to provide running water to the Kilung Community and the new shedra being designed and rebuilt, thanks to generous Chinese donors. But how to keep the water running and the pipes warm enough to freeze? A group of solar and tech companies in China collaborated on a high-altitude project at the Kilung Monastery to install solar power and deliver the electricity needed for the water system.

img_4340  img_4343

img_4352-solar-panels img_4347

The panels are up and running,

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Yogurt project a big success!

This video shares the successful story of the yogurt project!


wechatimg19The Dzachuka Nomad Yogurt Collective, launched by the Kilung Foundation with the support of generous donors, is thriving!

Now in its second year, the yogurt is very popular and the business has been awarded a RMB 500,000 grant by the local Chinese government ($80,000).

This will enable the collective to increase the herd size of the females yaks, called ‘dri’, that are milked for the yogurt.


wechatimg23 Currently the yogurt is being made “home style”.

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Children move into monks cabins, and become monks!


The tents that were set up shortly after the shedra fire for the children to sleep in did not last long. They were falling apart and leaking badly. With the advent of rainy, cold weather and the coming of winter, the children needed a new sleeping place.


The monks gave up four of their retreat cabins to share with children so they have a warm, dry room. These monks have now doubled and tripled up in other cabins.

And not only did the children move into the monks cabins,

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Twelve-Year Great Guru Rinpoche Celebration at the Kilung Monastery

temple aug2016 butter lamps altar tormas statues photo-1 copy

One of the most important dates in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar comes every twelve years, and celebrates Guru Rinpoche’s birth on the 10th day of the 5th month in the Year of the Monkey. This very auspicious day was August 13th this year and was celebrated by Tibetan Buddhists throughout the world.

temple aug2016 butter lamps tsok temple photo-4 copy

temple aug2016 butter lamps altar photo-3 copy

At the Kilung Monastery, the Guru Rinpoche celebration and tsok was held at the ancient Kilung temple.

To this date over 2000 donors from China and Taiwan have contributed to the shedra rebuilding project,

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