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Immediately, the local and international community sent relief and helped house the children in tents and temporary classrooms so that their studies could resume. As winter approached and the tents started to leak, the children were moved into monk’s cabins, with the monks doubling and tripling up in the rest of the cabins.

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wechatimg7-shedra-design-copyThe arduous task of demolishing the shedra was completed late summer, resulting in a cleared site ready for the rebuilding of the new shedra to begin in the spring of 2017.




Here is the history of the Kilung Children’s School prior to the fire. Help us rebuild!

Education is a primary focus of the work of the Kilung Foundation. In November 2015, eighteen months after the shedra renovation and roof repair project was launched, both the Kilung Children’s School and the Kilung Shedra (Monastic College) began their programs in the newly restored shedra building. The Kilung Foundation launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund these two programs of traditional Tibetan learning and practice.

First day of school at the Kilung Children’s School

The Kilung Children’s School shared the newly renovated shedra building with the monks. Thirty boys from the local community, ages 8 – 12, boarded at the school, which provides a strong Tibetan education as an alternative to either no school, or a government school in town.

Click HERE for a day in the life of the students at the Kilung Children’s School.

Thanks to sponsorship from Asian donors, ten girls from the Kilung community are studying at a well-known Tibetan girl’s school in Amdo.

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For a video of the Children’s School and the Shedra taken in January 2015, click HERE.


The Shedra and the Children’s School are essential to providing education to the community and to furthering Buddhist education. They need ongoing support. Providing precious education to these 60 students costs $5500/month.

A contribution of $1/day per student helps to pay teachers’ salaries, and provide books and food for the students. Please consider sponsoring a monk or a child for $30/month, or making a general donation to these essential educational programs.

Please email to arrange a sponsorship, or to become a Shedra benefactor. Click HERE to make a donation.

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