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2019 building season begins for the Kilung Shedra reconstruction!

The long Tibetan winter has ended, and the reconstruction of the Kilung Shedra and Community Center has started up again!


Help us keep up the momentum so that Tibetan education and community services
can once again be provided to the Dzachuka nomad community.

A generous donor has offered a $35,000 match for donations made before June 4th.

DONATE HERE to help rebuild the Kilung Shedra and Community Center!

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Prayer for the Earth – Tibetan Sand Mandala Exhibit

For the most up-to-date news on the Sand Mandala exhibits, click HERE.

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Kilung Shedra 2018 Construction Video

View this summary of the construction of the Kilung Shedra in 2018 HERE.

This video details the history of the shedra, its destruction by fire in 2016, and the current rebuilding of a modern shedra that will serve the educational, community, and spiritual needs of Dzachuka nomad children and monastics.


Funds are still needed for the construction planned in 2019! Donate HERE.


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Foundation built to withstand earthquakes and freezing

The huge basement of the Kilung Shedra and Community Center foundation is divided up into two spaces. The space on the bottom is filled with dirt and is engineered to keep the building stable in case of an earthquake. It also acts to keep the temperature more stable for the whole building. The contractors are working night and day, and not taking weekends off, to take advantage of the weather while it lasts.

Click on a photo to start slideshow.

On the hillside above the construction site,

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Foundation progress continues

Work continues at a high pace as the end of the building season approaches.


DONATE HERE to keep the construction progress going
as much as possible in the short Tibetan summer!

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Foundation walls going up!

With whole-hearted gratitude and special thanks to all those who have donated and made this progress possible!

Construction will continue at full speed until winter weather brings work to a halt.

To help rebuild the Kilung Shedra and Gonpo Tsering Community Center, you can donate HERE.

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Foundation taking shape!

First the base, and then the walls!

DONATE HERE to keep the construction progress going
as much as possible in the short Tibetan summer!


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Excavation of shedra drone video July 2018

Drone video!

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Finishing the excavation

Concrete mixer at the foundation edge.

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Building foundation underway

Heavy rains have slowed things down from time to time, but progress is being made!

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