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You are warmly invited to support the Kilung Foundation sponsorship program.

A small amount goes a long way to help with the necessities of life in Dzachuka,
and with providing opportunities for Tibetan education.

Your help will sustain and invigorate a culture steeped in a 2,500-year-old tradition
devoted to the spiritual welfare of all sentient beings, while supporting Tibetan nomad culture.

Current sponsorship opportunities:
Before the devastating fire in April 2016, Kilung Monastery housed a Shedra (nine-year monastic college) and a children’s elementary school. Since then the education of both monks and lay children has been disrupted.

Currently sponsorship helps to support 30 monks who needed to relocate to other Shedras to continue their studies until the Kilung Shedra reopens.

Future priorities are to support many more monks when the Shedra reopens, boys and girls in their elementary school education, as well as nuns and elders.

How you can help:
$30 per month provides for food, supplies, occasional transportation, and health costs. In the future when the Shedra reopens, sponsorship will include teacher’s salaries, books and supplies.

One time or monthly donations of any amount are most welcome.


To become a sponsor, send us an e-mail. Click HERE to make a one-time sponsorship donation via check, Paypal, or stock transfer.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Your sponsorship will enable:

  • Monks to complete their 9 year monastic education and to become the Buddhist teachers for future generations.
  • Boys and girls to learn Tibetan reading and writing, as well as receive education in Tibetan life skills and cultural traditions, while preparing them to enter the public school system.
  • Elders with limited sources of support to obtain necessary food, living supplies, and basic medical care.


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