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A small amount goes a long way to help with the necessities of life in Dzachuka, and with providing opportunities for Tibetan education. And in the encouragement department, the benefits are immeasurable.

Kilung Monks and Nuns

sponsor$30 per month provides for food, occasional transportation, supplies, and health costs. The monastic tradition—the backbone of Buddhism in Tibet—needs every bit of help it can get at the present time. Kilung Rinpoche has conveyed the encouragement that the sponsorships bring to every one of the monks and nuns of Kilung.

For monks studying at the Kilung Shedra (Monastic College), $30 per month contributes to teachers’ salaries and educational supplies.



Kilung Children’s School Students

$30 per month contributes to food, teachers’ salaries, books and supplies. Children are boarding at the school, so all meals need to be provided.


Kilung’s Elders

sponsorSome of Kilung’s elderly, about 13 individuals, have come all this way in life, and have lost their normal support through the death of family or other reasons. A $30 per month sponsorship will provide food and medical fees. It will make a huge difference in the lives of these people, now spending most of their days in Buddhist practice and prayer.

To become a sponsor, send us an e-mail. We will connect you with your choice of a monk, nun, or elder:

  • Students at the Kilung Children’s School, ages 8 – 12,
  • Monks studying at the Kilung Shedra
  • Ordinary monks who carry on the duties of the monastery and engage in regular practice,
  • Kilung nuns who are currently on long-term retreat, or,
  • Kilung elder in need of support.
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