Kind Words from Our Supporters—

“Deep in the heart of Eastern Tibet, Kilung Jigme Rinpoche’s monastery and homeland lies beyond a Westerner’s imagination. It is not enough to say that life there is markedly different because it is remarkably so, but at the same time it is very much the same. One late summer afternoon, under the shelter of a black yak-hair tent, in an ancient and unmapped world, our nomadic host welcomed us and, through a translator, thanked our small group of Westerners for the help we had offered from half a geographic world away. Our contributions to the Kilung Foundation, he said, made an enormous and important difference in the lives of all of the nomad families. I had seen the bridge we helped to finance, had even crossed it on foot, but not until he spoke did I really begin to hear how much impact our support means to all of the people who live in Rinpoche’s district. His work allows these people to continue to live as Buddhist practitioners, to express their lives of faith, and to continue their nomadic Tibetan traditions. Supporting the Kilung Foundation is a unique opportunity to truly make a difference in the world.”

-Diane Brintzenhofe, Washington State

I love the direct connection between our giving and the creation of real value such as buildings and bridges that make a tangible difference in the lives of the people of Tibet today.”

–Keith Brintzenhofe, Washington State

donersWe have been deeply inspired by the wonderful work Kilung Jigme Rinpoche is doing for preserving Tibetan culture and Buddhism in Dzachuka. It’s been fun to take part in the educational projects to which we’ve been strongly committed.“

–Friends in Denmark

The Kilung Foundation’s work in Kham combines soulful, intelligent and passionate leadership with low overhead and a targeted project design that would satisfy the most sophisticated of donors.”

–Lila Kate Wheeler, Massachusetts

If you are a Kilung Foundation donor or volunteer and would like to add words of support to this page, please contact us!

kilung rinpocheImmense THANK YOU’s go to you,

the generous Donors of the Kilung Foundation.

Your kindness and generosity over the years touched the hearts of the people of Dzachuka. It has made a huge difference in the way of life, the culture, education, health, and our Buddhist culture. On behalf of all the people in our community, our great thanks go to you. May these good actions reflect out to all beings.”

Kilung Jigme Rinpoche

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