The Kilung Foundation had two crowdfunding campaigns to help with urgent needs for the following programs. The crowdfunding campaigns have now expired, but we are continuing to receive donations HERE.

sonam wangchuk_3199The Education Project is seeking funds for the ongoing support of the Kilung Children’s School, a boarding school for young nomad children, and the Kilung Shedra, a traditional Nine Year monastic college for the intensive study of Tibetan Buddhist dialectics and spiritual philosophy. Your donations will provide daily meals, lodging, teacher salaries, and educational materials for the sixty students.

The Kilung Shedra was tragically destroyed by fire on April 7, 2016. Classes have resumed in tents and temporary structures. We now need not only ongoing support, but also funding to rebuild the shedra. Click HERE to help.


yogurt couple with_2129 Dzachuka Nomad Yogurt Project
Recently, with the Chinese government’s nomad resettlement program, nomad families are forced to give up their animals, but they rarely have the skills to make a living in an urban setting. As a way to preserve the fabric of the nomad culture, the Kilung Foundation is helping to launch a yogurt collective. The campaign is raising funds for expanded refrigeration and production capacity, storage containers, marketing, bookkeeping and salaries.

We were successful in raising money to launch this important economic development project through crowdfunding through CommitChange, and through direct donations to the Kilung Foundation. The local Chinese government has now granted $80,000 to add a commercial kitchen and retail store to the enterprise. Click HERE for more details.

Your support of these campaigns helped us accomplish these essential projects! The crowdfunding campaigns have now expired, but we are continuing to receive donations HERE.

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