World Sang Day

World Sang Day (Dzamling Chisang), a ceremony of incense-offering for World Peace, was celebrated on June 28th, 2018 (the 15th day of the fifth Tibetan month.)

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Kilung Shedra and Community Center

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Kilung Shedra and Community Center will be on June 17th, the day of the Buddha’s First Turning of the Wheel of the Dharma.

There will be ceremonies and prayers to start the construction and to commemorate the day. Many high lamas from across the Dzachuka region will be invited to the festivities and will attend the groundbreaking.

If you want to join in this celebration, at Yeshe Long, Dza Kilung Rinpoche’s seat in the West, click HERE.

So many of us have been waiting for this auspicious and joyous moment. Dza Kilung Rinpoche and the Kilung Foundation are grateful to the many generous donors whose gifts have made this important next step possible.

Our goal is to raise matching funds by August 15th, 2018 in order to receive a $31,000 challenge grant for the advancement of construction in the short Tibetan summer building season.

Please consider an gift to the
Groundbreaking Campaign!

Donate HERE


Lama Gonpo’s Last Wish

Note: This campaign to raise funds for the Gonpo Tsering Community Center was successful, but more funds are needed and the campaign is ongoing. Construction has begun! Click HERE.
As many of you know, Lama Gonpo Tsering, a very great and dear man, died on February 27. During this time of grieving—felt by his family, the community in Dzachuka, and our extended friends around the world—we have been considering how to honor him and keep his memory and inspiration alive for generations to come.

Nearing the end of his life, while in a hospital in China, Gonpo asked to be brought back to his home in Dzachuka. He instructed his family to give up the increasingly elusive mission to obtain a liver transplant, telling them that the money would be much better spent to help complete the monastic college building back at Kilung Valley so that children and monks could be educated.


In keeping with Gonpo’s end-of-life wish, we are opening the way for donations to be directed to a very special section of that building—a community center—now dedicated to, and named in honor of Gonpo.

This center, on the first floor of the building, will house a classroom for girls, a community hall, and meeting room. It also includes a medical clinic, where there will be local access for public health education, immunization, and check-ups.

Here there will be screenings for the Hydatid disease, and  immunizations for Hepatitis B and Tuberculosis. These diseases took Gonpo’s life, and are all too common in Dzachuka. Kilung Rinpoche writes, “It was so painful to see Gonpo and many people suffering and dying from these diseases that are preventable. We really don’t want to see it happening again and again.”

Lama Gonpo lived his life in service to others, and establishing a community center will continue his life’s work. In keeping with Gonpo’s end-of-life wish, and in his memory, we are dedicating this essential new community center to Gonpo.

Will you help us keep his memory alive? The cost of the Community Center is $86,027. Generous donors have offered to match up to $40,000 so we are almost halfway to our goal. This is a huge benefit to beings to accomplish in Gonpos’s name. Please join us in fulfilling Gonpo’s last wish to be of benefit to his community.

Thank you for your generous donations thus far… please also share this with your family and friends to help us make this happen! Every little bit helps towards making this a reality.

Please help us to achieve Lama Gonpo’s last wish.
Our goal is to raise the matching funds by April 17th,
the 49th day after his death.

Gonpo Tsering Community Center

Total needed to raise: $86,027 USD

Clinic 473 sq ft $12,676
Reception/Meeting 263 sq ft $7,048
Girl’s classroom 685 sq ft $18,358
Community Hall 1550 sq ft $41,540
Restroom 239 sq ft $6,405
Total: $86,027


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