Prayers, Pujas, and Butterlamps at the Kilung Monastery

prayersIn times of need, we may wish to turn toward spiritual community, to monks who have dedicated themselves to the Buddhist understanding of life. The power of prayer, mantra, and intention weave together an ancient and compassionate remedy to alleviate suffering and bring blessing.

Kilung Monastery monks offer services for various kinds of life needs: prayers for healing, for obstacles, and the renowned Tibetan practices for the dead.
These practices are done daily at the monastery for local community, with increasing numbers of requests internationally.

prayersPrayers for Healing
Daily for one year, by all monks of the monastery,
$108 minimum donation.

Prayers to Remove Obstacles
Daily for one year for one person, by all monks of the monastery, $108 minimum donation. For multiple people, a one-day puja, $108 minimum donation.

Tibetan Practices for the Deceased
The traditional Tibetan end of life practices last for 49 days, with a final ceremony on the 50th day. Depending on the wishes of the family or friends, various elements can be requested, from the simple request for one small butter lamp for 49 days, to the elaborate…

$100 – 49 Butter Lamps, large, one each day
$45 – 49 Butter Lamps, small, one each day
$65 – 108 Butter Lamps, small, for 50th day concluding practice
$260 – Puja for 49 Days by all monks of the monastery
$85 – Puja on the 50th Day by 5 monks
$380 – Puja on the 50th Day by all monks of the monastery
Any combination is possible

Select any combination of services.

If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us.



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